10 Tips to Find the Right Moving Company

Probably you have heard horror stories of moving companies from colleagues, friends or family members and you are worried you might end up being a victim too. It is not easy to differentiate a reputable moving company from scam because all of them offer similar services with the only difference being quality. If you have recommendations from friends or workmates, it is important to consider them because they may be the right moving company for you. However, here are 10 simple tips that can help you find the right moving company to hire:

Get recommendations from close friends, colleagues and family members. Remember to ask them about their experience with the moving company, the type of services the mover offers and their contact details. If you’ve done your own research and have shortlisted a number of movers in Houston, you need to call each company representative to get as many details as possible about their discounts, services they offer, rates, physical location etc.

After having a successful phone discussion with a moving company, you can then go ahead and visit their premises personally. When you visit the premises in person, you will be able to tell a lot of things, for example, their level of professionalism, reliability, the scale of operations etc. You will also have a chance to see the equipment they use during relocation. This can help you determine the type of moving services they offer and their target customers

A reliable Houston mover should have a good business record with Better Business Bureau. By checking their record with BBB, you can see how they have dealt with complaints from customers and the number cases that are unresolved. A mover who has numerous complaints and/or unresolved cases is unreliable and it is advisable you avoid hiring his or her services

Make sure that the moving company you are about to hire follows the guidelines as stipulated by ISO and FAIM. These two authorities ensure quality standards in relocation industry and if a moving company adheres to the guidelines, they are really professional

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Avoid using moving services of a broking company. Broking companies usually get the entire moving done by another company only to get a commission after relocation is done. This might not guarantee quality moving services and you can even end up with damaged or lost goods because the company offered the job have incompetent workers

When looking for a moving company in Houston, avoid hiring companies that deal with cash. Most professional companies do not accept cash payments but rather banking or other forms of payments. If you engage in cash payment without any formal document, you may end up losing your money when you hire a scam moving company

You can check whether your preferred moving company has any business affiliation with a larger corporation. Affiliations with other reputable companies shows that the company is legit and professional

Find out whether the insurance cover provides adequate coverage for your items in case they get lost or damaged. Also, ensure that the cover is underwritten by a lawyer to make it legit

You should only accept a moving estimate after a moving company physically inspects your premises to avoid having fluctuations later on. There are a number of factors to determine the estimate and only a physical assessment can guarantee a reliable quote

Ensure that any additional costs e.g. packing and moving labour are included in the total cost to avoid having surprise costs during or after your relocation

If you follow these ten tips, you will end up hiring the right moving company. However, before you sign the contract, make sure you’ve read terms and conditions of the company to avoid breaching any of them. You can as well ask questions if you have any.


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